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Ian & Wendy Openshaw

Ian Openshaw

Ian is a world renowned Gundog breeder & trainer alongside his wife Wendy, Ian has rewritten the rule books achieving back to back wins at the most prestigious Gundog championships in the world, 3 in a row in fact and a world first.

He has won many championships over the years as have many owners of dogs he has trained. A lifelong passion and very much one of the most iconic and respected gentlemen within the sport.

Wendy Openshaw

Behind every great man, as they say, is talented Gundog woman. Wendy has worked alongside her championship husband for decades, but he doesn't get all the bragging rights, oh no.


Wendy has won many championships herself with her own Gundogs and again shares titles through owners of dogs she has trained. Clearly an inspirational and talented team, Wendy & Ian Openshaw will go down in the history books.