Rytex Gundogs

FTCH  Glenrussel Selene

Cocker Championship December 2021

FTCH  Mollowdale Dame

Cocker Championship November 2021

FTCH  Suzy Firebug

Cocker Championship October 2021

FTCH  Bang Bang

Cocker Championship August 2021

FTCH  Suzy Tiptop Jack Firebug

Irish Cocker Champion December 2020

FTCH Delflush Dice

Cocker Champion October 2020

FTCH Endowood Francesca

3rd Cocker Championships 2020

FTCH Wolferton Drama

Diploma Cocker Championships 2020

FTCH Mallowdale Shine

4th Cocker Championships 2020

FTCH Endowood Faith

2nd Cocker Championships 2020

FTCH Mountview Heidi

112th Field Trial Champion

FTCH Endowood Clowne

111th Field Trial Champion. Ian says “you don’t get better” but is a bit of a handful.

FTCH Tudor Briar Skylark

110th Field Trial Champion. She has been very consistent over the last three seasons, making her a field trial champion this year.
Owner Mrs J Tudor

FTCH Ardcaein Fall of Delphaven

109th Field Trial Champion. Top class bitch made a champion with Ian in her first season. Also gaining a diploma at this years championship.
Owned by Mr and Mrs K Varty.

FTCH Delphaven Domino

108th Field Trial Champion. First season trialling with Ian, three trials and two wins and a third! Made a Field Trial Champion in one season.
He is a very kind, easy going dog with plenty of drive.
Owned by Mr and Mrs K Varty.

FTCH Endowood Cork

107th Field Trial Champion. A champion in his first season trialling with Ian.

FTCH Mallowdale Diamond

106th Field Trial Champion. Diamond was given to HRH Queen Elizabeth II by the kennel club as a gift for hosting the Championship in 2013 at Sandringham.
Diamond was sent back to Rytex to be trained and has ran in trials over the last two years and made a Field Trial Champion at the Kennel Club Open Stake, winning very convincingly.
“It is a great honour to handle a dog for the Queen” - Ian Openshaw

Rytex Riggle

105th Field Trial Champion. As it says in Ian’s quote, bred, born and reared at Rytex Kennels.
A champion in only five trials.

Endowood Beatrice

104th Field Trial Champion. Made a Champion in her second season, Ian thinks she is good enough to win the Championship in the next couple of years.

Mallowdale X Factor

103rd Field Trial Champion
As his name says he was very good when he was young and his record speaks for itself by winning the 2015 Cocker Championship.

Mallowdale Georgie

102nd Field Trial Champion
A champion at only 16 months old, from the same mother as X Factor and Mallowdale Midge.
Ian thinks she is a real star of the future

Hollydrive Theo

101st Field Trial Champion
His record speaks for itself with Ian, one run in England making him a Field Trial Champion and a second in the Springer Trial Championship.

Mallowdale Music

100th Field Trial Champion
Very consistent over the last 3 years, very pleased to make her my 100th Field Trial Champion.

Hollydrive Kurt

99th Field Trial Champion

Brook Furlong of Tiptop Jack

Ian has also qualified for the championship with Mr Partis' FTCH Brook Furlong of TipTopJack. Also, Ian has qualified for the Championship with the son of FTCH Brook Furlong of TipTopJack, TipTopJack Dime. His sire is the legendary FTCH Danderw Druid, who is also the sire of Mallowdale Midge. John Healy, a very good client of Ian's, pictured with FTCH Mallowdale Midge.

Single Star of Tiptop Jack

On 10/11/2011 at the Eastern Counties Open Cocker, Ian won with FTCH Whinhocklin Single Star of TiptopJack, this making his 94th FTCH.

Mallowdale Kim

On 22/11/11, Wendy's Mallowdale Kim won the Kent Working Spaniel Club Open Cocker Stake, with Ian handling her, making her his 95th Champion.

Tudor Briar Moonwarrior

Belonging to Mrs Josie Tudor, Tudor Briar Moonwarrior a new client of Ian's. This dog is sired by the legendary Danderw Druid ex FTCH Randalyn Black Jazz won the Carmarthenshire Open Stake on 14/11/11. FTCH Tudorbriar Moonwarrior won the Dove Valley Open Cocker Stake, becoming Ian's 96th Champion.

Mallowdale Eureka

Pictured left is Wendy with her 9th Field Trial Champion, Mallowdale Eureka at the tender age of 15 and a half months old.

Weston Rosie

Weston Rosie won the Utility Gundogs Open Cocker Stake on November 7th, making her Ian's 98th Champion

TipTop Jack Dime

Pictured with Ian is TipTopJack Dime won the South West Scotland Open Stake on Oct 25th, 2012, making him Champion number 97 for Ian

Single Staroff Tiptop Jack

On 10/11/2011 at the Eastern Counties Open Cocker, Ian won with FTCH Whinhocklin SingleStaroffTiptopJack, this making his 94th FTCH.

Mallowdale Midge

Ian has now made his 93rd Field Trial Champion, Mallowdale Midge on October 25th 2011.

Cidw Daisy

Ian's 92nd Champion, Cidw Daisy

Dawson Lee Chance

Left we see FTCH Dawson Lee Chance, Ian's 91st Champion

Chyknell Iris

FTCH Chyknell Iris, pictured with her legendary owner, Mr Joe Shotton, Ian's 90th Champion

Clanicker Mick

Ftch Clanicker Mick, Ian's 89th Field Trial Champion

Chyknell Lily

FTCh Chyknell Lily, Ian's 88th Field Trial Champion

Mallowdale Grand

Mallowdale Grand was made up to a Field Trial Champion this year, being Wendy's eighth Champion.
Grand is now standing at stud in Cornwall with Alice Wise - 07970 683266

Woodstorm Babe

Ian's eighty seventh FTCh, Woodstorm Babe

Mallowdale Gun

Ian's eighty sixth FTCh, Mallowdale Gun

Brook Furlong Tip

Ian's eighty fifth FTCh, Brook Furlong of Tip Top Jack.