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Training Services
Gundogs trained to owners requirements, for more information contact Ian or Wendy. For an idea of what we can offer see below.

  • Sit and stay
  • Stop to whistle
  • Return to whistle
  • Walk to heel off the lead
  • Steady to thrown dummy
  • Retrieve cold and warm game

All of the above
Handle on to blinds
Steady in the rabbit pen
Had experience in the shooting field

To contact Ian or Wendy please write to:

Rytex Kennels,
Market Drayton,
TF9 3LB,
Tel:- 01630 685408
Mob:- 07970669254
  • *NEW* Placeboard Training
    *NEW* Placeboard Training

    This film will show you the advantages of using placeboard training. Watch and learn valuable lesson from Ian and Wendy Openshaw, as they take you through each stage of training step by step.